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Iqama Expiry Check Red Green 2020

iqama expiry check red green 2020 in KSA method is here. Many worker want to understand about it  that how they can check it using smartphone or laptops. There are mostly ways of  checking about it, but today I will explain to you  about  two procedure of  checking iqama expiry.

If your want know about the procedure of checking then read all steps and guideline carefully.

What is  Iqama Red Green?

The color system of  iqama is called Nitaqat. This system has started working in KSA. The iqama red green show you the status of your company and Kafeel.

Basically this shows you the color and kind of your iqama. The iqama has three  color




The color of your iqama shows the company and your kafeel. The good is better for everyone.

Iqama Expiry Check Red Green Without Absher

You can iqama expiry check red green without Absher. For  this purpose follow these step to check it.

Step1: Enter in your smartphone browser or PC. you can also also open this site of Government by clicking on the given link. When you open it  then  a simple page appear in your android screen. Now select Language by  checking on the English option.

See screen to understand it.

Step2: When  you select the language than the English language page of  the Moi site appear. Slide down below this  page and  click on the new user option for registration. See the Screenshot to understand the method.

Step3:When you click on the new user then a new open where you necessary to enter your iqama number and date of your birth.After  that enter the verification code  below.  See the screenshot below.

Step4: After filling the verification code now you necessary to click on ”Next” button. See screenshot to understand it in an simple ways. when you click on the Next option  than whole information about your iqama show you like the iqama expiry check  red green. See  the screnshot below.

Complete details about iqama expiry visit this site