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zain eeZee internet Package

Zain’s Another Great Internet Package. We are going to share with you today the best perfume internet call reps SMS and much more by activating this package on your mobile. In this new package of Zain I will get you a lot of benefits in a very small prize. That you can get online and the many benefits that you can get by putting it online. Zain Internet packages Daily weekly An monthly Active and enjoy Internet very fast speed.



Five types Of Zain eeZee Bundles

  1. eeZee Internet Bundle
  2. eeZee Extra validity
  3. eeZee Online Bundle
  4. eeZee Extra Internet GBS
  5. eeZee Special Bundle

eeZee Internet Bundle

In this Zain Internet bundle I will get you 5gb of internet data in five Kuwaiti dinars and it will be valid for a month and whatever SMS you receive you will get the general Limited anywhere you are. Can also use it if you want to subscribe to this package then you have to type and R1 and send it to 999.


Data Volume

Price (KD)


5 GB


1 Month


Complete Detailed of This Package

  • Price of this Packages              5 KD
  • Internet bundle data                 5GB
  • Local SMS  get                            Unlimited 
  • if you want  To Subscribe Of this Packages Type R1 And Send it to 999

Also if you talk to Zain to Zain call app you can do two Kuwaiti dinars in the local call you will get a lot of benefits if you want to do some streaming then you will get it and if any If you call through the internet, there will be a lot of overnight internationals too if you want to get there they will also get you and local minutes are also included here. Zain Quick Pay is very amazing send from your mobile in few seconds

eeZee Special Bundle

Zain Internet’s form here is a little different from the first package, because it will get you 25gb of internet data, you can use it anywhere and if you talk about money you can put it in eight Kuwaiti dinars. And what I have now is that just like a full package a month ago, you get a lot of features here, so you can use them. Type R2 send 999 Activate this Offer.

eeZee Online Bundle

Easy Online Bundle Tomorrow You will also get more features because if you talk about internet data, you will get 50gb of internet which you can play on YouTube. You can download and watch movies and it will be a month depending on the twelve Kuwaiti dinars you have to pay in return and the SMS there are minutes to you as before will meet. Zain Kw New Internet Bundle in cheap rate visit here 

If you would like to activate any of these packages, just click on the link above and get complete information on how to activate all those packages and what you can do if you find it even more difficult. If you are, you can comment